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Ageing isn´t a stroll through a rose garden.

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Thanks to you the old persons‘ world will blossom.

“I lived through the war. Now I am 97 and the ageing is also everyday fight.”
Vlasta (97 years), a Sue Rue Ryder client

Incurable illness, loss of self-sufficiency, physical pain, loneliness. These are the concerns old people come to Sue Ryder with every day. We can't let them fight this alone. Please join the good people who are donating help for Mrs. Vlasta ad other seniors. Every crown of yours will turn into respectful and kind care that these people desperately need. Thank you. 🧡

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support.

Mrs. Marie, client of  Sue Ryder

" I came to you from LDN - department for long-term sick people. It was no longer life there. But here I feel as if I was born again. And I am 104 years old!"

Mrs. Marie, client of  Sue Ryder
Mrs. Marie, client of  Sue Ryder

"Unfortunately, I said my last goodbye to my dad in 2021. But at Sue Ryder, I got to know the high level of palliative care that can be provided." 

Katka Perglová Vaňková, regular donor
36 700
36 700 This is how many people we have helped in our 24 years of existence.
10 600
10 600 The number of people who seek our help each year.
Every person is unique.
Every person is unique. That is why Sue Ryder offers unique advice and support.


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