„We, me and the other old people who need the Sue Ryder home, resemble the ill or wounded birds I once cared for at my home. We are having power to fly only if there is someone by our side. And that is the reason I am here. I am missing my home but I also know that we need help with almost everything and here I am not abandoned in my ageing. Moreover everybody here attends to my wishes in my remaining time."

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Danuše was born 95 years ago and today she is a client of the Sue Ryder home for senior people. She lived through the Second World War, the political purges of the fifties, the passing of her closest. She experienced difficult things bud she did not stop loving life and taking pleasures in little things. Then, when she was 93, a serious injury torn her out of her home.

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„Sue Ryder becomes for Danuše and other old people their second home, and often the last one. Therefore we try to make this home resemble as much as possible the original one. They can bring in a piece of their furniture, their things of daily use and the like. The most important thing is to know the client’s life story so that those who care for him or her understand who stands in front of them. We like to know all life fragments of Sue Ryder clients. What they lived through, what they like, what they are afraid of, what new they would still like to manage,” says Zuzka Jasenková, the leading ergotherapist.

"To do what I like – for example growing tomatoes, despite the fact I am on a wheelchair. I am grateful for that,“ says Mrs. Danuše.

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Thanks to donations Zuzka‘s team have realized already 500 group activities and almost 2 000 individual hours of ergotherapy in 2022. The frailest clients have been visited by chaplain Eržika 331 times and by psychologist Lucie 593 times.

Donate please right now. Every crown from you will be transformed to respectful care so much needed by Danuše and other senior clients.