Vlasta (97): „“Each of us here is fighting its own battle“

Vlasta, a client of the Sue Ryder senior citizen home, says: „I experienced the war. It was evil. But ageing is also a struggle. Each of the clients of this home also fights their small battles every day. With pain, for instance.“ And it is against the pain that rehabilitation can effectively help. And also with clients in palliative care.

To alleviate pain we use physical tools, for example using heat we can loosen hurting muscles or warm up aching joints. In rehabilitation we also use the soft tissue technique, breathing rehabilitation, basal stimulation or passive movements that prevent shortening of muscles and joint mobility deterioration. As far as possible, we endeavor to keep self-sufficiency and muscle power of our clients by means of active exercise,” says Kateřina Holmanová, the leading therapist of Sue 

Rehabilitation is also important in palliative care

Výlet_do_NG_07_2021_Radka_Kulhánková (25)Katka and her team sensitively choose the best rehabilitation techniques. These are also used in palliative care (i.e. in the care focused on the life quality of a person with an incurable illness at an advanced or terminal stage of life). They fight pain primarily with the right and regular positioning of a client on their beds – it is crucial for them to lie comfortably with nothing pressing their bodies to prevent complications following from long-time lying on a bed - bedsores, pressure ulcers, joint deformations or pneumonia.

Vlasta is grateful for modern medicines

During the war people appreciated every minute of silence. Suddenly there were no bombs, no sirens, no artillery. It was calm. Out of the blue you heard blackbirds singing. And you were relishing it with immense gratitude. The same gratitude I feel for modern drugs. It is enormous help which is considered commonplace by people nowadays. The reason is that they did not live in the times when for fever there was only one cure: a cold wrap.

Medicine for sore soul

Asistenční_jednorožec_2021_Radka_Kulhankova (9)Today we are able to efficiently alleviate physical pain. But how about addressing the soul pains suffered in these complicated times by more and more people? “Live in the present moment. Be grateful if you and your family are well. About the rest, about what can’t be changed, do not think. Do not solve what if. You would poison your life incredibly.” advises 97-year-old Vlasta. 

Thanks to the donors’ support Katka‘s team were able to provide 2050 hours of individual rehabilitation, 668 hours of group rehabilitation and 1.641 individual activations. Donate please right now and each crown of your support will be changed into respectful care that is so much needed by Vlasta and other senior people.