A promising message to our world

Eržika Frinková is a chaplain in Sue Ryder. By the nature of her profession, she often owns spiritual care for clients who are at the end of the journey of their days. Therefore, their view of the world and the current situation is different from ours. We still have many years ahead of us. They don't have this time anymore.

"I often hear childhood stories from Sue Ryder's clients, influenced by diphtheria and polio. Many families experienced the Spanish flu, which plagued the world for 2 years. There was no vaccination for these bacterial and viral infections, which occurred in epidemics. There were no commonly available antibiotics. All this is an extraordinary convenience of the period after World War II. Any such illness was therefore a blind lottery bet. No one knew if life or death would win. So COVID 19 is not the worst thing Sue Ryder's clients have ever been experienced, and unlike us, it doesn't fear them.”

"I feel that social isolation is far worse for them than COVID 19. Some of them would rather take the risk of infection just to meet their families. Therefore, clients in palliative care and clients with limited legal capacity are allowed family visits. However, this only applies to a very limited group of clients. "

"I perceive their great desire to be in close contact with their loved ones. We compensate it with communication through modern technologies, but unfortunately it does not replace physical contact. "

"I feel that clients and employees think more about their lives, their finiteness and how it all makes sense. And in this time of shocks and uncertainty, they are looking for supporting and stable points. That's why I welcomed the support of Sue Ryder management, who temporarily increased my workload for me and psychologist Lucia Simon so that we could spend more time with these people and seek answers to this questions together. "

"What I'm writing about is a sad topic. But it's actually incredibly positive news about the condition of our seniors and a promising message for our world. WE as humans have not forgotten each other. We care and worry more about our loved ones than about ourselves. Abd human closeness is becoming more and more important than digital. ”
Eržika Frinková, chaplain Sue Ryder
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