Most valuable gift? The regular one

“Why Sue Ryder? Through volunteering, I saw that every senior retains their dignity there. No matter what may happen… That is why I am a regular donor. It has become a life habit by now. Just like having a healthy breakfast every day.”

“Thanks to my contribution, someone will have a better day but through my donation, I, too, feel grateful for the fact that I can afford to help every month. Moreover, contributing even with a small amount is possible at every age. Even in times when we may need support ourselves. With humility, I supported Sue Ryder during my maternity and parental leave, and I continue supporting them now, despite needing to invest in my start-up company; I still help. Because I believe that everything in life works as a cycle.”

Katka Dušková is one of Sue Ryder’s regular donors, thanks to whom we can provide seniors and their loved ones with the exact service they need in their unique situation. For someone it is the help of a personal assistant at home, for another, it may be counseling in moments that bring confusion, worries, and fear.

Regular donations are among the most valuable ones. They increase the efficiency of help, aid to maintain the space for quality care, and allow for the continuity of provided care for seniors. Thanks to goodhearted donors such as Katka, we can work on long-term development projects which help to increase the quality of life before aging begins to decrease it

Does it also make sense to you? Become a regular donor  - a friend of Sue Ryder. Join us.

Thank you ♥