The rocky road of professor Neumannová (77)

Vendula Neumannová was born with cerebral palsy. She lives in a wheelchair and speaks with difficulties. Despite all the tribulations the life have had prepared for her, she managed to complete the history and Czech language studies and received the Doctor of Philosophy degree. She taught at a secondary school. Thanks to her amazing can-do ability and thanks to the personal assistance provided by Sue Ryder she is still able to live at her home.

Where does she draw the life strength on her way? „I am incredibly lucky to meet good people. It is God’s gift. It’s not rational but they have been always around me. I have some magnet on me.” The father of Vendula worked very hard for her mother to be able to stay with her at home. Her mother had studied architecture but retrained for a rehabilitation nurse. It was thanks to her that Vendula managed to complete her studies. Vendula shares her flat with Alena – another angel whom Vendula met during her stay at The Rehabilitation Center Kladruby 50 years ago.

 “Earlier I was able to operate my body using my willpower. Nowadays I cannot do that anymore.“ Among Vendula’s angels you will also find Sue Ryders personal assistants who come to see her daily for 13 years and help with everything she needs.

„Personal assistance, as provided by Sue Ryder, does not provide only for basic needs, such as food, hygiene, dressing or transfer to a wheelchair or to bed. They also provide for individual communication based on the client’s interests. That is very important for me.”

MIC_0051„Personal assistance is also valuable because I don‘t need to ask for help my friends. And I don‘t add to their normal work. They are very willing to do it but they also have their own worries and duties. Some people think that the family should take care but I have no family. So personal assistance is irreplaceable.“

If you ask Vendula whether she has some advice for young people, she will respond resolutely. „Make use of your energy while you have it. When you get old, you will miss it. Make use of things while you can manage them. Learn, study, work, bring up children. Enjoy what you are interested in. Don‘t expect that there will be better circumstances in ten years. Wait for nothing! Do it right now.“

Thanks to personal assistance it is possible for a senior citizen to live at home by eight more years. In 2021 so far the Sue Ryder personal assistance provided 13,201 hours of help. Donate please right now and each crown of your support will be changed into additional hours of help that is so much needed by Vendula and other senior people.