Quality beds and good sleep are important for a contented and happy life regardless of the age. This was a consensus of the 194 individual donors, 4 donating companies and the campaign partner Volkswagen Financial Services. And you all contributed to this donation platform aimed at the beds renewal with the sum total of 619 453 Kč.

Some beds, semi-functional, 24-year old, can now be, thanks to your generosity, replaced with new ones. And because, even in these difficult times, so many contributed, the assistance to our clients will be even greater than we had hoped for. We can buy:
  • New electric adjustable beds
  • Special anti-decubitus mattresses against bedsores
  • Annual bed service necessary for the new beds to match the lifespan of the old ones
  • Individual rehabilitation for the most frail clients

Výsledkový mail Sue Ryder

It is awesome to realize that such a huge aid was collected within mere 27 days! You can still become a part of it by donating money intended for individual rehabilitation which is carried out directly on adjustable beds. It helps against pain and bedsores and improves lives of clients who can hardly get up from their beds.

Thank you very much! ❤️