Every day, dozens of seniors turn to us with a cry for help.

The numbers are rising each day.

Donate, so every single one can receive the advice and help they need.

How many times in your life have you helped your grandmother, grandfather, or your parents with setting up their phone or booking a doctor’s appointment?

For us, those are banal things; for them, an impossible battle accompanied by feelings of helplessness. Now imagine a senior having to navigate their way through the labyrinth of medical and social services and find a solution when they fall ill or get injured. In these moments of crisis, seniors turn to Sue Ryder – parents and their children, both generations often of older age.

Please donate, so these fragile old people can navigate old age and find help and advice in time, without losing their dignity.
Thank you for your help and generous heart ♥
500 Kč monthly 2 hours of counseling for seniors
200 Kč monthly 1 hour of personal assistance
1000 Kč monthly 4 hours of rehabilitation for seniors
700 Kč monthly 3 hours of dignified end of life care

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Join us and become a friend of Sue Ryder. You will not just be helping specific older people in moments when old age starts to bring difficulties. With your support, you are also expressing the belief that no one in the Czech Republic should feel alone in old age, and that everyone should live with dignity until the end. 

Thank you.

Matěj Lejsal, director of Sue Ryder

Why give monthly?

Marie, Plzeň – client of the counselling hot-line of Sue Ryder

„I use the internet but in my current state, I am unsure of how to seek help. Unfortunately, my skills do not suffice in my 71 years of age. I am grateful to you for answering and sending information and contacts. Few would even look into my cry for help.“

Marie, Plzeň – client of the counselling hot-line of Sue Ryder
Marie, Plzeň – client of the counselling hot-line of Sue Ryder

„I have experienced it myself when my father got a stroke. Fear, helplessness and confusion as to what to do next. I don’t want others to go through the same thing and instead have an experienced guide by their side at that moment."

Ota Kulhánek, regular donor
36 seniors or their close ones
36 seniors or their close ones seek help and advice from us each day.
Your donation has the power to change the fates
Your donation has the power to change the fates of older people and their families.
Together we can ensure help is accessible
Together we can ensure help is accessible across the Czech Republic.
You get to decide!
You get to decide! The amount and duration of your donations are up to you.

Our regular donors most often contribute with amounts of 200, 300 or 500 Kč monthly by standing order. We regularly contact them and update them on how their donations are helping. Every year they receive a donation confirmation, which lowers their tax base.

Mrs. Eva's grandmother

Mrs. Eva wrote to us via www.neztratitsevestari.cz. Her grandmother was hospitalized after neck of femure fracture and her condition worsened. Eva was therefore looking for a quality care for her grandmother. Together with the social worker in Sue Ryder they considered possible solutions. Eva gained informations and the contacts, but the story does not end! The social worker took a detailed interest in the deteriorating condition of her grandmother and suggested to Eva ways to activate in LDN. Crossword puzzles, gentle hand massages and small items for sensory stimulation. Eva visited her grandmother daily, used all the recommendations and her grandmother's mental and physical condition gradually improved. Nobody knows how many years Grandma has left. But at this point, we can say that Eva, with the assistance of Sue Ryder, saved the life of her loved Grandma ❤️

Please join us and donate so that everyone can get advice and help.

Mrs. Eva's grandmother

Most valuable gift? The regular one

“Thanks to my contribution, someone will have a better day but through my donation, I, too, feel grateful for the fact that I can afford to help every month. Moreover, contributing even with a small amount is possible at every age. Even in times when we may need support ourselves. With humility, I supported Sue Ryder during my maternity and parental leave, and I continue supporting them now, despite needing to invest in my start-up company; I still help. Because I believe that everything in life works as a cycle.”

Katka Dušková is one of Sue Ryder’s regular donors, thanks to whom we can provide seniors and their loved ones with the exact service they need in their unique situation. For someone it is the help of a personal assistant at home, for another, it may be counseling in moments that bring confusion, worries, and fear. Does it also make sense to you? Become a regular donor  - a friend of Sue Ryder.

Most valuable gift? The regular one

Lenka, social worker

"What old people and those that care for them don’t have, is support and the feeling that they aren’t alone in their situation. Practical information is also missing: where they can find help, how to recognize quality care and institutions, how to sort out things regarding pensions, care compensation, guardianship, how to treat a person with dementia, how to talk to a dying individual about death, how to say goodbye and get through the dying period. Information necessary for decision-making is missing: whether the family is capable of taking care of the senior at home, and if so how to do that while maintaining mental, physical health and family peace at home. "

We provide advice and help to all these questions. For free and for whoever turns to Sue Ryder asking for help. Will you join us?

Lenka, social worker